Monday, January 28, 2013

The power of an image

I watched a Victoria Secret model giving a TED talk first thing today. I've watched many, many TEDtalks and this is probably the first supermodel to speak on TED. Found it just interesting to share.

In her opening, she demonstrated a simple action to prove the importance of images. She first strut out in her short dress and killer heels, and later, tied a long wrapped skirt, swapped her heels for flats and put on a sweater. And, the previous impression of an elegant, chic woman was instantly transformed into a laid-back, more ordinary looking girl. 

Her words are, Image is powerful but image is also superficial.

Here, Cameron speaks about being on the other side of the fence. While modeling is a glamorous industry, it is all "constructed". Beautiful images of beautiful women, often misleading a generation of young girls into believing in an altered state of beauty.

I enjoyed her talk and especially agree when she mentioned, how some are able to get through life easier. For example, in her talk, she has received a dress absolutely free of charge when she forgot her wallet and got away scot-free when her friend and her were stopped by the police for driving over the speed limit. 

These have everything to do with images. While image may be superficial, it holds a lot of power too. For example, if a woman takes the effort to take care of how she looks, it does not only affect the exterior, of how people look at her. Most importantly, it takes care of the inner, where she feels great and confident. 

Low confidence is a waste of time. Questioning your own worth is a waste of time because we all hold the immense power to change our life, just by changing how we view ourselves. And, the way to change our view is to feel good. And to feel good, we just have to do things that makes us feel good. 

Little changes can lead to big changes. Simply start with our image - not to conform with the expectation of society but for ourselves.

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