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Diamant Gemstone Undergarment Series by Easecox Review

I’ve recently invested in a set of reshaping undergarment from Easecox. Having come to know about the company recently, I was very appealed with their range of products particularly the Diamant Gemstone Undergarment Series which I’m wearing now. Of course, I’ve had a few eyebrows raised when friends know about this purchase. Why would I spend such an expensive amount of money on undergarment alone? I did my fair share of research and spoke to many real-life testimonials who has worn the Diamant series for many years and have had their life changed. So, I decide to give it a try for the following reasons.

A) Goodbye to wrong bras

One of my major wardrobe frustrations is buying the right bra. It is really hard to buy a good set of bra because there is really very few out there. My definition of a good bra – good support in all the right areas, one that enables easy adjustment of the strap and most importantly, makes you feel good. Instead, for most of my life, wearing the wrong bras has created ugly lumps at the side of the armpits and visible outlines when wearing certain tops. It makes wearing certain clothes very demotivating.
I’ve read about the importance of wearing the right bra too many times and for the first time, felt that this is the best I’ve ever worn. With Easecox Diamant Bust Enhancer, I am getting two great deals in one – excellent support and fat reshifting from the back and side of arms into the bust.

The Diamant Gemstone Bust Enhancer
Notice the adequate support with the Diamant Gemstone Bust Enhancer - and it doesn't have any underwire! Here’s one important lesson which I’ve learnt about wearing the wrong bra – because the breast is made up of soft tissue, the wrong bra (too tight, too loose and even the wrong underwire size) will distribute the fat to other areas particularly to the side of the breasts.

I’ve only worn it for 1 ½ weeks now and so far, I’m feeling very satisfied. I can finally say goodbye to all the wrong bras I’ve ever worn in my life.

B) For the right curves
I’m heavier at the bottom which means I have big hips and of course, tummy. They don’t usually bother me until I go shopping for pants. I can never buy Asian sizes as they are too small. Even the regular L or XL size tend to make a mockery out of me.

The Diamant Gemstone Butt-Hip Enhancer
Part of the reshaping undergarment is a pair of Diamant Gemstone Butt-Hip Enhancer. Also, my favourite piece of the collection because it’s comfortable and has so far done tremendous work in supporting and lifting my heavier parts – butt and hips.

Just this simple pair of garment, I’ve been able to slip in and out of my skinny jeans and waist-high skirts effortlessly.
C) For the right support

As I am pretty tall, it’s easy for me to hunch whenever I walk or sit down. However, another piece from the reshaping undergarment is the Diamant Gemstone Waist Sculptor. It’s done amazing work in adjusting my bad posture by constantly reminding me to stand/sit straight. Plus, the undergarment wraps seamlessly around the waist – spanning from right below the bust to covering the tummy - enabling me to wear dresses without worrying about any bulge.

My consultant adjusting the waist sculptor. Just within two days, I had to retighten the lace at the back.
These were my initial idea about investing into a set of reshaping undergarment. This is not a regular corset because it has properties which constantly work on your body. A regular corset only shapes you when you wear it but the Diamant Gemstone Undergarment Series, does more than shaping as it is moulding your body into the right balance.   

If you want to know if this product is for you, read this.

The different series within the Diamant Gemstone Undergarment Series
If you need more information about Easecox and their products, I'd be happy to share. Email me at wailing.fong@gmail.com or call/sms/whatsapp me at +6017 526 2223

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